Do You Need To Buy YouTube Views To Have A Successful You Tube Channel?

It is a well-known fact that you tube is the second largest search engine, 80% of its traffic comes from outside of USA and it has been localized to 61 languages. This is proof enough that it is a medium that should be explored. If you want to start a you tube channel and you want it to be successful, you need to be in sync with what people like.

You tube uses the idea of viewing time over the number of views. Knowing this you should create a channel that focusses on your niche. Create content that is interesting and persist week after week. Be an active participant in the community that exists online. This will allow you to have a finger on the pulse of the audience.

Some of the things you need to do right to have a successful you tube channel are as follows:

* You must be different if you want success. Even if you are attempting to do something that already exists, you must differentiate yourself from what is already there. If your concept is completely new, make it something that will attract people to your channel.

* Your you tube video success should not be dependent only on viral videos. It is important to have the capability to constantly create content that is relevant and eye-catching at the same time.

* Hygiene content or video that teach you “how to” capture customers like no other. Once they like what they see and it helps, they come back for more and soon they have subscribed to your channel.

* Like all other businesses, building the channel also takes time and patience. It is important to try all marketing strategies to get your channel to the top. Some recommend that you buy youtube views. While this may be beneficial for a bit, it may not last if your content has no value.

At first, creating a channel and getting through the initial hurdles may seem daunting but once you are through, it is a process that can be extremely rewarding once you have created the right viewers for your channel.

Find The Perfect Web Design Dubai Developer

Looking for an efficient and talented web designer in Dubai? Just search online for web design Dubai and you will be rewarded with a number of results. This is because there are a lot of independent designers as well as designing companies.

When you finally find a list of designers that seem suitable to you, do you know what to ask? Here is a list of questions to ask before you finalize on the designer to create your website

  • What Do They Know – Though this is a vague question, it helps to start off with a broad search. Get to know about what all they know- The languages, the coding, the designing, etc. Do they know to design as well as code? Because both are important and go hand in hand in creating a successful web site.
  • What Is The Offer – Find out what they offer. Many do not offer every service related to web designing. When you have to go to one person for the design and one person for the content, it can be very time consuming. Also you will be responsible to coordinate between both teams and ensuring both works seamlessly on good terms. However, if you choose a company that has both or offers both (some can outsource their work), they are taking up the responsibility and you will receive the end product without much stress
  • The Budget – Everything works on a budget. Find out if the costs are suitable for you. If they are high, try bargaining. However, if the designer refuses to budge, do not send extra and take their service. Budget has been created for a purpose and when you are a start up or expanding, you cannot afford to spend extra on your website.
  • Time Frame – creative work takes more time than anticipated. Get a time frame mentioned in the contract, so that you have something to hold on to when they don’t deliver on time. If this time frame is not clear, you may be left hanging, waiting for the website to go live.

6 Great Educational Activities for Kids

Providing a good education for kids is important as they are the next generation and what they learn now will directly impact society in the future. With that in mind I’ve created what I consider to be 9 of the very best educational activities for children.

1. Teach Kids to Cook

This is a great activity to do with your kids. You’ll have an absolute blast. You can take advantage of the opportunity to teach your kids about healthy eating and practical cooking skills that will last them a lifetime.

2. Take Your Kids on a Light Walk

Light walks were created to teach children about light and the sun. It’s a fantastic way to get out and enjoy nature with your kids as well as teaching them some solid science that will help them throughout their lives.

3. Catch a Firefly

Catch a firefly with your kids then work through a firefly educational book to figure what you’ve caught.

4. Build Paper Airplanes with Your Child

This is a great one for the fathers and sons. I had hours of fun building paper airplanes with my Dad as a kid. There are so many different types of paper airplanes you can create. You’ll be able to teach your kid about the basics of aerodynamics and gliding with this activity.

5. Alphabet Matching Game

This is a great game for young kids. Get some paper towel rolls and cut them into smaller cones. Next get some balls. Write uppercase letters on the balls and lowercase on the cones. The challenge is for the child to put the correct balls on the right cone then bring them to you. The game combines alphabet practice with coordination and balance.

6. Geoboards

This is a type of board where you can create geometric shapes with elastic bands. They’re very easy to make at home. Just get a rectangular wooden board and hammer in a whole bunch of nails, spread evenly apart. Make sure you don’t hammer the nails all the way through so they don’t stick out the other end. That would be pretty dangerous, so use wood that’s thick enough so that the nail can be planted in far enough to stay steady, but not so deep that it sticks out the other end. Once that’s done you can paint it white so it looks better. When it’s all dry, your child will be able to start creating shapes with different colored elastic bands.