Content and SEO

If you have a website for your business then you should already know the importance of SEO. Sadly though, this isn’t always the case, and we’re here to help you gain a brief insight into what it means, how it works and how it can have a positive impact on your website traffic.

Whether you run a blog, an ecommerce site or a website that runs along side your physical store, SEO are maybe the three most important letters that you need to understand. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and this alone, determines how search engines, such as google, will rank your page on their site.

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Content is king’ often enough, and there’s a reason for that, because it’s true. But that doesn’t mean that you can write ten articles of garbage and expect your site to be ranked on google, oh no. Google is much more intelligent than that.

For google to really like your content, it must be rich, original and user optimized. For example, a three hundred word article on how to wash dogs, will not improve your SEO as much as a 1200 word article titled ‘How to wash your dogs and why it is important.’ If the content is rich and original, google will understand that your page is more likely to be relevant to the search term used and also that it will be filled with much more information.

Being user focused is key, and if the article is written for the benefit of the user, this can do heaps and bounds for your SEO. If you’re having trouble writing SEO rich content, or simply can’t find the time, there are many great agencies out there which can help you do that. Dilate Digital are a well established and well known brand that can help you with making your content SEO whilst tackling more technical problems, all with the aim of getting that page of yours up that google rankings.

Do You Need To Buy YouTube Views To Have A Successful You Tube Channel?

It is a well-known fact that you tube is the second largest search engine, 80% of its traffic comes from outside of USA and it has been localized to 61 languages. This is proof enough that it is a medium that should be explored. If you want to start a you tube channel and you want it to be successful, you need to be in sync with what people like.

You tube uses the idea of viewing time over the number of views. Knowing this you should create a channel that focusses on your niche. Create content that is interesting and persist week after week. Be an active participant in the community that exists online. This will allow you to have a finger on the pulse of the audience.

Some of the things you need to do right to have a successful you tube channel are as follows:

* You must be different if you want success. Even if you are attempting to do something that already exists, you must differentiate yourself from what is already there. If your concept is completely new, make it something that will attract people to your channel.

* Your you tube video success should not be dependent only on viral videos. It is important to have the capability to constantly create content that is relevant and eye-catching at the same time.

* Hygiene content or video that teach you “how to” capture customers like no other. Once they like what they see and it helps, they come back for more and soon they have subscribed to your channel.

* Like all other businesses, building the channel also takes time and patience. It is important to try all marketing strategies to get your channel to the top. Some recommend that you buy youtube views. While this may be beneficial for a bit, it may not last if your content has no value.

At first, creating a channel and getting through the initial hurdles may seem daunting but once you are through, it is a process that can be extremely rewarding once you have created the right viewers for your channel.