Do social media accounts appear on Google searches?

Yes, the answer is affirmative. For the last couple of years now Google has started to show the various social media accounts of the top most search results in the information graph that appears in the right hand side.

Now, this may not seem like a very big deal but it is really a great factor in making you move ahead in the virtual race of popularity. When a search engine like Google shows details of your social accounts, like Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn, then the company appears as the most trustworthy one and more people will follow the links given there. For this, you need to have social media account details on your website and Google must be clearly informed about the account you want to highlight in the search results.

But how do your reach to the top of the search results? One important factor is geography as it focuses on customers in a specific location. Through certain social websites, a business can focus on locality based business. Once more people from an area start to follow your website, it will start to come out on the top of the search results of that area.

We need to understand that the importance of social media is increasing day by day. If people are choosing a business on the basis of the content and recommendations available on social media accounts, then they will become more important for the search engines as well.

Let us see from an example. A person starts an Instagram account. In spite of having fantastic content, he may not have a good reach to people except a few family members and friends. The idea to buy likes on Instagram was given to him by a social media expert. It really helped him expand his reach to millions. The first few hundred likes, purchased at a nominal price put him on the top of the search results, this attracted more people to his account and then he just grew by leaps and bounds.

The social media accounts not only appear on Google searches but also increase brand visibility and the trust factor.